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After more than twenty years in the print publication industry, Sue Yeoman and Dion Denti, publishers of Your Villa Magazine, were looking for an effective way to offer digital marketing to their clients. They were seeking a solution for busy business owners who don’t have time to manage pay per lead, SEO and social media. After researching the latest trends in consumer behavior and digital marketing, they created a full feature referral based marketing platform,

Current consumer research shows that buyers are 83% more likely to make a purchase from a friend’s recommendation than from any other advertising source. While word of mouth has always been an effective way to grow one’s business, it can often be a very slow process. helps businesses amplify their great service through a unique referral platform that encourages sharing with friends and family through social media, email or text.

SourceReferral is tailored for local businesses who want to maximize their marketing dollars and focus on their business rather than track advertising results.

SourceReferral offers:

  • A turn-key referral program
  • SEO-enhanced landing pages
  • Incentivized referral campaigns
  • Social media sharing
  • Results Tracking
  • Payout Reporting
  • Fraud Prevention

We will work with your business to turn your existing relationships with satisfied clients into a lead-generating machine to bring in your next customers.

Our vision is to showcase customer service driven businesses on our elegant platform. We will assist your team in asking for the referral so you can outperform your competition. We believe that satisfied clients will promote their favorite businesses given the right motivation. In today’s busy world, we want businesses to cut through the clutter and focus on what they do best… satisfying their customers. Let us take care of the rest. – It’s more than a marketing platform…it’s your new marketing solution.