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Inland Empire’s #1 leader in Transformation, Karla Adams, professional athlete, has helped thousands of clients transform their lifestyles. From the young age of 16, she has embarked on a lifestyle of activism within her community in order to positively affect trends in many ways, with her deep belief and faith in GOD used as the guildline of what areas to target. She has been the CO-Chair of the Sendai Sister City and on the Internal Relations Board for over 7 year and currently is on the City Fit, Fresh and Fun Forum to lower the body fat in Riverside below 50%. Karla Adams Club has provides custom fitness and nutrition programs for over17 years helping thousands in the process of lifestyle change, since 2011the Karla Adams Foundation has put on many events in Riverside that has been a part of positively affect many social trends in health and well-being.

Karla’s goal is to help people succeed at lifestyle change, by providing the right Education, be a vessel that enhances ones own Motivation, aiding in the process of a Change of lifestyle. Believing it takes the power of mind, body, and spirit to make long-lasting positive changes, Karla constructs solutions, programs, and partnerships to move any community toward healthier more balanced living. Using inner
peace on a daily basis despite what obstacle may occur as a measuring tool in her community to determine they are accomplishing goal of living in balance.

A passionate lifestyle specialist, her programs, events and speaking engagements attract all types of people from celebrities and politicians to housewives, corporations, families, and high-ranking business executives. Karla does more than just facilitate programs to give great results, she is constructing creative solutions to mobilize an emotional movement toward living in balance.

Featured twice on KTLA Channel 5 and Good Day LA Channel 7 in 2012, her shining spirit and dedication inspires devoted followers from all over the world over to empower themselves for positive change. Karla has lived in England as well as traveled to Japan 7 times as part of an official delegation of the City of Riverside. She has been a competitive half marathon runner for over 7 years and now professionally competes in fitness competitions.

This “fitness maven” has had cover features on multiple magazine, been a guest speaker at multiple corporations, events and City programs. No matter what you call her, Karla’s magnetic personality, explosive style and respected commentary on lifestyle change, and the power of your own mind continue to propel her to the forefront of the current trends.

“I love educating and motivating all my clients and helping them transform and reach their fitness goals! I love seeing people change for the better!” – Karla