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More than a marketing platform… it’s your new marketing solution.

What We Do

SourceReferral is an SEO-enhanced referral platform with customized landing pages to highlight the best of your business. Using this platform, your satisfied clients can easily refer your business via text, email, or Social Media share. Our team handles everything from consultation, to onboarding, to results reporting and referral incentive payouts.

We will work with your business to turn your existing client relationships into a lead-generating machine. We help you find your next customers.

How We Do It was built from the ground up with SEO (Search-Engine Optimization) in mind. Using over 20 years of digitally published materials in our key marketing areas, we combine this data with keyword optimized search words specific to your business. Our search function is geotargeted to allow users to find the businesses closest to them.

This unique combination will help improve your search engine ranking when searched by prospective customers.


Custom Landing Page

Your custom built landing page will highlight the best of your business and provide your satisfied customers with an easy way to refer your business to others.

In-depth keyword research:

Raise your Google ranking with identified non-brand keywords that potential buyers use when searching for your business. By connecting these words with your landing page, we increase the likelihood of your business appearing in the search results.

Custom Blog

Use your blog post to announce market trends, introduce new products and maximize your SEO. Updated quarterly.

Create Ad Campaigns:

SourceReferral assists in creating your referral incentives and handles everything from tracking when a lead was generated, to sending consumers to your landing page, to recording the sale once it’s complete.

Two Campaigns / Unlimited Referrals:

Run up to two campaigns at the same time. Unlimited referrals allow your costumers to refer you as many times as they like. Or set a limit on your campaign to encourage people to act quickly.



Referral Meter

Shows the number of times your business was referred over the prior 4 week period.

Refer-A-Friend Widgets:

Give your satisfied customers the tools they need to broadcast your business via email, social media or text message. You can control the message through our automated platform.

Refer-A-Friend Cards: makes it easy for your employees to ask for the referral by distributing program included “Refer a Friend” cards to direct potential customers to your landing page.

Fraud Prevention:

Mechanisms built into your referral campaign prevent abuse. It includes spam proof notification system, identification of suspicious participants or manual conversion review among many other mechanisms.

“SourceReferral is by far the most important new acquisition channel. It’s growing faster than PPC, email and CPC combined, it offers by far the lowest cost per acquisition, and it produces customers with a far greater lifetime value. The numbers don’t lie – now is the time to equip yourself with the right tools, people and partners.”*