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When we create a custom-designed piece of jewelry, our goal is to give the client exactly what they’re looking for. These are some examples of feedback we’ve received from satisfied customers… if you have a story to share then feel free to do so!

I’ve been having custom jewelry made since 2001. I have never been completely satisfied with the results until I had my first ring made by Mardon Jewelers. I had been searching the internet and came across their blog. I fell in love with a couple custom rings they had made. I contacted them via phone and started the process of having my first ring made. It turned out great. Several months later I was planning on buying a ring I saw online, but it wasn’t quite right. I contacted Mardon Jewelers again and sent them images of what I was wanting. It came out better than I imagined.

My most recent request was to make my new wedding ring. I had stones to work with, I thought I might want to add more and I knew I wanted vines and leaves. That was about it. Jim and his staff were very patient working with me to nail down the design. I know this time around it was quite a task. They were amazing, and best of all, my ring set is AMAZING!

I will be contacting them again for future jewelry designs. I recommend them, no matter where you are in the country.

~ Laura

I had an exceptional experience purchasing an engagement ring with Jim at Mardon Jewelers. The entire process was educational, transparent and fun. Jim was eager to listen to what my fiancee preferred and helped me to obtain exactly what she liked. In fact, he went through the trouble of conducting a world wide search for the perfect gem all while lending his expertise and guidance. After meeting with several other reputable jewelers, I felt most comfortable purchasing with Jim. I will be recommending Mardon Jewelers to all of my family and friends for any Jewelry purchases in the future.

“I’ve worked with jewelers all over the world. [Northern California (San Francisco, Mill Valley, Palo Alto, Eureka), and Oregon (Eugene, Portland) St. Louis, Missouri, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka and Thailand.] James Sweaney of Mardon Jewelers is the best! He offers lovely gems and jewelry, gives sound advice, and finds talented artists, contacts and suppliers. Most importantly Jim offers peace of mind. You can trust him as he delivers exactly what he promises.


Since I have the privilege of being one of Robert M. Shipley’s grandsons it is only accepted that he passed on some of his knowledge and viewpoints about the world of gems. Even though I disappointed him somewhat by not following his footsteps, I have never forgotten his passion and integrity concerning gems.
That is why, when my parents died and my wife and I inherited some of the jewelry that he and my Granny Bea owned, we made a promise to ourselves, as well as them, that we would insure that whenever the time came to “service” or jewelry, we would find a person whom practiced the same tenets that my grandfather adhered. Consequently, we located Mardon Jewelers.

During the plus twenty years we have known you we have never wavered in doing business with your establishment. You and your staff have always treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism. That is why when we felt it was time to have our “inherited” jewelry redone we did not hesitate to with you. Consequently, we have never regretted in our decisions.

The latest piece was my grandfather’s personal ring. The suggestions you offered were outstanding. When I finally made the decision to follow one of those, and saw the “finished” piece I was “blown away.” The stones and artistry you showed is beyond description. You definitely maintained the integrity of his ring.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am quite sure that Mr. R.M Shipley is smiling from above to see that someone definitely maintained his visions.

My wife and I thank you so very much.

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was EXACTLY what I needed to help me move on. This ring is exceptional and exquisite. I love it. ….

Thank you thank you”


Dear Jim,

Sorry it has taken me a while to write, but I just wanted to say thank you from both Alastair and myself for the absolutely perfect ring you and your team made for us.

We cannot thank you enough for your patience and for doing most of the communicating via email since we were in the Cayman Islands.

When we first came to you we were so distraught over the disaster we had encountered while trying to make a ring here in the caymans. But it was your reputation and endless support that gave us hope that you could help us create something we would be proud of and treasure forever.

Thank you for taking the design we created and for making it unit a sturdy, yet delicate gorgeous ring. It turned out more perfect than either of us could have imagined and we are just thrilled with it! Everytime I look down at my finger I smile. You and your team helped us create something that truly represents us and our love.

Well I hope all is well and we can’t wait to work with you in the next couple months to make a wedding band to match the perfect engagement ring you made.

Thank you again for everything. You took a sad situation and turned it around so that my fiancé and I are once again able to be truly happy and excited about being engaged.

Talk to you soon and take care.

Warm regards,


These are wonderful! Thank you! Ken and I agreed immediately that we like the second one better – very streamlined and elegant, and definitely seems more delicate. … the second design is definitely it for us! We are delighted.

Thanks so much for your patience in designing this with us; we really appreciate your skill in interpreting our ideas into something very real and very beautiful. Thank you!”


“Jim helped turn my idea of the perfect engagement ring into a reality. He educated me on the details of diamonds and delivered a high quality product. Jim also created my wedding band and birth stone ring. I would highly recommend him.”


Thanks again for the wonderful work you did designing my family ring! Everyone who sees it for the first time says how beautiful and unique they think it is, and when I explain the significance of the stones and the hearts in the scrollwork they love it even more! The experience of having my ring designed was wonderful and I would do it all again with you!”


“At the very first moment I entered Mardon Jewelers store, I knew it was a special place! It is the kind of store, that makes everyone feel happy – just looking at the beauty of the exquisite jewelry pieces is breathtaking. But in addition, everyone of the staff has that unique characteristic that makes one feel of great importance.

Last year on my August birthday, I was having another ring sized when I happened to mention that I have never liked peridot as my birthstone. Jim disappeared for a moment and came back with the most beautiful peridot I have ever seen.
He said, ” You might like this one!” And I did! The adventure was on! My son was getting married in January and I knew that peridot would make a beautiful necklace to wear on that special day. I purchased the peridot with the understanding that Jim would create a pendant for me.

When I saw his drawing of the pendant I could hardly believe it! It looked amazing in the drawing, but even more so when I saw it completed in the most beautiful setting ever. We decided it would be beautiful on a black silk cord. I loved wearing it on the special day of my son’s wedding!

I love my peridot pendant! Thank-you, Mardon’s for making such a beauty!


“A few things that you said during our previous talks, your past work which was on display in Mardon, and your willingness and clear ability to incorporate the design elements I wanted into the setting made me decide to have you design the setting for the ring. I also like that, as we were going though the design process, we decided on combining elements that I liked from several bands into one band, that you were able to incorporate the corn motif as an elegant prong, and that I was able to look at the wax casting before the ring was completed. I also liked the design elements that you contributed. Knowing that we were fellow anglers, your scroll work incorporated circle-hooks.”


“Hi, Jim, I enjoyed our visit yesterday. I just wanted to take a moment to say again how much I enjoyed working with you to turn my inherited ring into the lovely necklace which I was able to then give to my stepdaughter.

The process of working with you on design, color, size of chain, placement of the diamond etc was great fun and I learned so much about the art and craft of jewelery design–and about diamonds.

The look on Susan’s face as she looked at the necklace and then e-mailed a phone photo of it to her children was so rewarding.

Thanks so much. not only for the wonderful piece that resulted from your work, but for the whole experience.”


“Jim is a wonderful jeweler with a master’s knowledge of gemstones and unusual materials. While he carries fine pieces in his shop I have found great fun and value in working with Jim to create new and unusual pieces for me. I have to say some of the best investments I have made. He is a true gentleman and an easy guy to work with. I would go nowhere else.”


“While working with Jim, his professionalism and passion engaged all of us that worked with him. His knowledge and abilities to recognize things that needed to be addressed, think the process through made for successful results. His understanding of gemology was infectious and translated to the students and co-workers excitement and motivation.

I know that Jim’s success continues because of his talent and caring attitude. Mardon Jewelers reputation is a direct reflection of his hard work, expertise and commitment to his customers.”