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Linda Maxson combines art and science by constantly experimenting and challenging the traditional use of the various mediums, resulting in innovative artwork that captures the emotion and energy she feels when creating a piece. True success is when the piece also evokes an emotional response in the viewer. In her paintings, it is achieved with color and texture. It’s not unusual to find burlap or other materials emerging from her work. Her work also has movement and flow, a “dance” with the medium.

Clay Monoprints

A clay monoprint is a one of a kind hand-pulled original image using a matrix made up of a slab of wet clay layered with colored clay slips. The process was developed by artist, Mitch Lyons (1938-2018). Mitch, over the past three decades developed a truly innovative form of print-making. Lyons worked as a traditional potter until 1980, the pivotal point in his career when he refined his method of printing directly from clay. In 2010, Linda Maxson had the privilege of learning the process directly from Mitch. With a background in painting and ceramics, she was drawn to the idea of creating images using clay as a matrix. The process allows her to combine her love of art and science by constantly experimenting and challenging the medium.

Ceramic Wall Art

Add color and personality to your outdoor space with Linda’s ceramic tile art. Hand-glazed, fired and framed in steel, they will not fade or crack, even in our desert heat! Linda’s original designs make each creation a statement piece. Perfect for indoors as well, adding original character and design to your kitchen backsplash or bath.

Ceramic Sculptures And Assemblages

Sculpting is as much about spatial relationships as it is about form. Negative space can become an important part of the piece. I manage to work sculpting into most of my work, even at a very low relief in my paintings. The faces and heads of all of my assemblages featured below were sculpted out of clay and fired.

Live Edge Tables and Benches

Greg Maxson’s instant bond to Hawaii began with this first trip in 1983. This connection has drawn him back every year since them. He was first intrigued by Hawaiian hardwoods after visiting a small lumber yard in Kona. The Koa, Kiawe, Kou and Milo woods have a depth and mystery that he loves to explore and reveal.

Wood Sculptures

Whenever he is selecting wood, and even when he’s working with the pieces he has in the shop, Greg is drawn to smaller, interesting shapes that can become evocative sculptures. His affinity with Hawaii, mountains and hiking is evident, but the wood always reminds him that it has its own story to tell. It’s his job to enhance the grain, shapes and contours to see where the story leads him.

Custom Art

If you are looking for an artwork for a specific space and don’t see it here, Linda will work with you to design a custom piece that provides a stunning statement for your home or business.