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Abel Rendón’s Story

Abel Rendón is Inland Empire’s leading physical therapist who help active adults who have aches and pains get back to their daily routines without medications, injections, or surgery.

He founded Rendón Physical Therapy because he was tired of third party payers, insurance companies deciding what was best for his patients.

Abel Rendón graduated with Two Doctoral degrees, 1) Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2) Doctor in Science in Physical Therapy from Loma Linda University.

He is certified as Physical Therapist & Myofascial Release Specialist.

People Who We Help Include…

Active Moms And Dads
Who are finding it more difficulty to keep up with their children due to pain

Active Adults
Who have tried multiple interventions for their pain with no success

Weekend Warriors
Who enjoys regular physical activity and fitness

Who Have Had Nagging Aches And Pains Without Resolve

​Young Adults
Who Do Not Wish To Take Pain Medications Or Risk Surgery