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Your Customized Landing Page provides vital information to your prospective clients with photos, company description, list of products and services, keyword blog posts (updated monthly or quarterly) and your contact information and social media links. focuses on local businesses in six business groupings:

  • Design + Build
  • Health + Beauty
  • Real Estate + Financial
  • Dining + Entertainment
  • Home + Services
  • Lifestyle + Shop
SEO Enhanced, GEO Targeted Landing Pages helps you improve your Google ranking by connecting your business with keyword searches for your brand, product, or service and geo targets your business location so you are more easily found by customers near you.

Fixed Monthly Cost helps your business generate qualified leads by connecting satisfied customers with new ones. Quit paying for dead-end leads and engage with prospects who are interested in your product or service.

Direct Social Media Share

Bypass paid social media advertising that gets lost in information overload. When friends share their experience with others, their message is more valued than sponsored ads paid by businesses.

Easy to Use assists your business is creating your social media messaging and gives your customers a platform to easily share this message with others.

Complete Referral Program tracks completed sales and manages the reward payout on your behalf. Built-in mechanisms prevent fraud abuse. Affiliates can use their rewards to purchase gift cards with national brands or receive a discount on product/service in repeat business with your company.

Referral Meter: Tracking Your Referral Program will automatically send you an email to confirm the sale. will facilitate the payout referral incentives (funded by your business).

When the referral is activated, it will trigger a referral on your Referral Meter and demonstrate the success of your referral program by tracking a 4 week history of your referral activity.