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Changing The Way People Think About Commercial Real Estate.

Growing up, I admired my older and successful cousin, who always seemed to be the coolest guy in the room. He was extremely generous, always respectful and great to talk with. He put everyone at ease and I remember always wondering how I could be like my cousin. Eventually I asked him what he did for a living. He was a real estate developer, and that was the moment that set my career path.

I didn’t always have a desire to be a commercial real estate broker, but my passion for the commercial industry developed over time. After graduating from college in Riverside, I started on my quest to obtain my California Real Estate License. I was hired by one of the largest global mainstream commercial real estate firms and from there, I made Riverside my home base for 30 years— 10 of those years as a certified agent.

As I grew professionally, my focus and my motivations did as well; I no longer wanted to be in commercial real estate to be the coolest guy in the room. Instead, I wanted to be a commercial real estate broker because it was what allowed me to educate others, provide great customer service and fuel my commitment to knowing every part of my market: the Inland Empire.

Now I am surrounding myself with individuals that have the same goals and values in mind– as well as those who are not motivated by greed, but by the desire to create relationships and help their partners succeed even further. My job is to be an expert in Riverside’s commercial properties, know every square foot of the building that I am highlighting to my clients and help tell the story behind every property. The customer is always the hero of the story and my focus will be to take a stance for them.

– Joe Stance